When it comes to losing fat, especially belly fat, there are 2 things that are key to your results. Nutrition and exercise are needed to lose belly fat. Depending on how much fat you are carrying, you may be able to lose belly fat easier in the beginning. However, the less fat you have, the harder it gets to lose. That is when nutrition becomes even more crucial to your success in losing belly fat after 50. Today, we are going to focus on the exercises to help lose belly fat, and build your core so that your abs show when you lose the fat.

Some of the best exercises you can do are HIIT exercises, ones that burn calories and fat long after your workouts are done. Aside from nutrition, these kinds of exercises are the other key to your success in losing belly fat after 50. Make sure to incorporate these exercises weekly, along with cleaning up your nutrition, in order to lose belly fat and reach your fitness goals.

Here are the best exercises to lose belly fat after 50!

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    • Dano Pierce

      Good advice about the fridge. I cut up carrots and celery and then I get the nerd to munch and crunch, I read for those to a few almonds. Better than bread or brownies though I love those but know that in excess those two carb bombs will pack on the weight if you over do it no matter how much cardio you do.

    • mohamed ali

      Thank you

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