It is time for you to stop waking up tired every morning. There are days where you might be confused too because you are getting enough sleep, but are still tired. Today, we are focusing on not only getting enough sleep, but getting good quality sleep as well. If you are doing resistance training and working out, a majority of our testosterone production and recovery occur while we are sleeping. That is why it is so important, especially for us men over 50, to make sure we are getting enough good quality sleep.

If you feel like you are lacking energy and not getting good sleep then these tips are going to help you. Our testosterone production is crucial, and if you are not getting enough sleep, you will not be producing the amount of testosterone you need. Muscle recovery, energy, fat loss, and so many other things occur while you are asleep!

Here are 4 ways to improve sleep after 50! Make sure to try these tips to get better sleep and longer sleep.

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    2 replies to "4 Ways To Improve Sleep After 50 (STOP BEING TIRED!)"

    • Julius Caesar

      50 is the new 40
      40 is the new 30
      60 is the new 50
      70 is the new 60

      Why allow yourself to think and feel old because of 50(‘s) ? You are as old or young as you allow yourself to think and allow yourself to believe. Tweak the mindset the body will follow.

    • Francis Babeu

      Concur wholeheartedly, I’m 57 and I follow U all the time. You’re knowledgeable experience helps me improve my health. Speaking from a 100% Disabled Vet. Went from the combat injury 12 surgeries to now a physical impressed 220lbs. My majority of my workouts are resistant bands along with long periods of stretching & flexibility. Plus thanks helping me on my diet. Semper Fi

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