Nothing looks better than a nice set of big looking arms, everyone wants them! To get big overall arms, you want to make sure you are not neglecting your triceps. However, biceps are what everyone looks at, especially when they see the big pump when you flex your arms. Arms a smaller muscle group, so it does not take as much work to grow as it would your back or legs. There are so many great exercises you can do to get bigger arms, but these 3 bicep exercises are ones you NEED to add that build arms fast.

You don’t need to have a gym to do these exercises, just some dumbbells. Dumbbells are one of the best pieces of equipment you can have to work your arms. Even if you have one dumbbell, that is okay. Do all the reps on one arm at a time, do not alternate from side to side. Keep the tension on one arm at a time. Make sure to add these exercises to your next arms workout to get bigger overall arms, and nice looking biceps.

Here are the 3 bicep exercises that build your arms fast!

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    7 replies to "3 Bicep Exercises That Build Your Arms Fast (GET A BIGGER PUMP!)"

    • hugh jampton

      what were the weights you were using

    • Eric Schmidt

      glad you didn’t demonstrate the drag queen curl….

      • Lowspeedoperator X


    • Agent2@22

      What dumbbells do you have?

    • Muhammad Dizayee

      Tell us about the weight used.

    • R

      Thx Mark. You and Gary… great stuff. BTW, on the drag curls, we start in a supinated position, not pronated 7:55 🙂

    • Lowspeedoperator X

      I’m 62 yr old guy in pretty good shape been only doing resistance training for a couple months I’m right handed, but when I’ve been doing those seated concentration curls, my left arm is much stronger, any ideas?

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