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    6 replies to "Its Never Too Late l Top 3 Older Bodybuilders Who are Still Killing it"

    • سلطان البراك

      Yes, they are the elderly

    • Benito Montemayor

      Not Elderly in the heart & mind. Lots of hours in the gym!

    • Muscman60

      Damn what muscle gods

    • Abdul Rauf

      Age is just number 🔥💪 no pain no gain 🏋️

    • José Manuel Rodríguez Serrano

      Vídeo fantástico, genial.💪💪💪👍

    • Rommel Cariño

      Never too late for what? Bdybuilding? Common man… Is that all dat matters? Wen ur old the most important is the CONDITION OF internal organs. Ur just looking at the bulging muscles forgetting about what lies inside the body. FItness cam be achieved WITHOUT BIDYBUILDING. IN FACT BODYBUILDERS NOWADAYS TEND TO DIE YOUNG.

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