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    32 replies to "Unbelievable: 70-Year-Old Bodybuilder Still Going Strong l Age is Just Numbers!"

    • Ali Raza

      Nice 👍🙂 good 👍

    • Ahed Nassif

      Not beauty 🤮
      it is nice to be sportive and fit old men ,, but like this is so disgusting for old

      • Jorge Garcia

        Old u will be there diss ,uhh new one

      • Ahed Nassif

        @Jorge Garcia what do u mean?

    • Reinaldo Morales

      Maestro 🙏

    • ILHAN D5 65

      Steroid just number 😅

    • atlasman53

      Apparently, this man is on TRT or other anabolic assistance. …No judgement here. … Just pointing out that this is not the natural / normal situation for a 70 yr. old gentleman.
      He looks great! …However, there may be a physiological price to pay for the decision.

      • Luis Duarte

        Dude, who cares at that age! Lol

      • atlasman53

        @Luis Duarte

      • TheSteamate

        He said, 250 test, 250 nandrolone

      • Leigh Johnson

        Umm.. I doubt it he’s 70 years old anything north of this age is a bonus! I’m sure he’s well aware of the risks but on the other hand who actually wants to look 70 and burnt not me!

      • Baz

        Bang on who cares at that age anyone with half a brain would be willing to make sacrifices to look and perform like him at that age ..
        He’s Awesome literally awesome

    • Andrew Bennett


    • MR B

      Obviously he on gear, so no need to bash…. At this age excellent look. Hope he stays healthy. Wonder what his diet is as well.

      • Baz

        Nice reply Budd 👍
        Im wondering about his diet too he looks well

    • Muscman60

      Hey if the gear works I’m good. He looks incredible

    • Wahun SONACOCK

      Respect ,mais merci aussi à la sauce magique . !

    • Geezer's Studio Presents

      He could pass for someone younger.

      • diana fife


      • Geezer's Studio Presents

        @diana fife : Or test. My guess is this gentleman is on either or both and maybe even clen or ozempic

    • This is Abtin (the best Creator of all time)

      I’d rather normal body more

    • Bill William Dexter

      I am an advocate of training, building muscle and doing physical exercise to sustain my existence in this stressful times.having said that,I train 3 times in a week in order to drive me through those physical work that I do.I am over 60yrs and the objective is to stay physically fit and healthy.l say no to steroids and other supplements that could ruin my health in the long term.stay clean….cheers….

      • atlasman53

        That’s a good goal and that’s the way. …Some people will peddle anything, to make a buck.
        …Senior citizens are vulnerable as well as younger people to these things. …There is a very
        fine line to be followed. …There are a lot of dead bodybuilders gone before their time.
        Seeking ‘artificial’ health and vigor with synthetics can be the highway to losing real health and vigor. …But that’s always a personal decision. …CHEERS!

    • Наурызгали


    • BigAmigo

      70 years old and still maintaining large amounts of lean muscle mass hey…..seems legit.

      • Leigh Johnson

        How is it not legit?

    • genek64

      How many younger guys can compare to this? VERY FEW!!!

    • Carlos Alexis Mora Oviedo

      Mis respetos absolutos para el caballero 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Jose H

      Extremely impressive, but I hope you’re currently a NATTY! 👍💪

    • Даниил Ефимов

      Круто но сами всё понемаете

    • Giulio.palmacci Palmacci

      This dude is in phenomenal shape. I am 53 and have been working out for the last 5 1/2 years. I do the compound exercises as well as almost all the others , use resistance bands also. I agree with this fellow, age is all in the mindset. Inspired!

    • Steve Neumann

      Who is he?

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