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    10 replies to "Insane 64 Years Old Bodybuilder in Shape l Age Is Just Numbers l Start Now l Its Never Too Late!"

    • Krzysztof Xxx

      What’s his name?

      • George Korniloff

        Good question. They never say 🤷

    • Christopher Dachille

      He’s lucky if he doesn’t get injured

      • August Mosco

        Yep. You could tell he was lifting too heavy in a few exercises because of his limited range of motion. That’s a great way to get hurt.


      Whit steroids everything is possible

    • mike wolonsky

      i am 67, and Have legs- sorry dude- bar is being set too low-

    • Steve Adams

      Title should read: Steroids knows no age limit

    • Superhuman Unchained

      Great motivation video thanks for the upload

    • juan depardaillan

      It’s remarcable only and only if he is clean. If he doesn’t then is another user of substances.

    • silatguy

      Steroids/TRT are a helluva drug

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