Warming up for a workout is more important than you may think, and you will be surprised how it can actually benefit your workouts. Jumping right into a workout can potentially lead to injury, and may hinder your workout productivity. If your muscles are warmed up before starting the actual working sets, you will be able to hit your muscles better without the risk of injury.

Whether you are just starting to workout, or you have been working out for a long time…this is important for everyone. It is just like being a professional athlete…They warmup before games to get the blood flowing, and are less likely to get injured from a pulled muscle.

Try warming up before your workouts to see how it helps you and the productivity of your workouts. Watch this video to see the best ways to warm up before your workouts!

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    • J Johanesson

      Happy New Year Mark.

      Enjoy your channel. Thanks for your advice and guidance.

    • Doc Doc

      This should be pinned at the top of your channel. Speaking of wasting time, the actual facts start at 4:42

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