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You feel like you’re doing everything right. You think you’re following a healthy nutrition plan, exercise regularly, but you just CAN’T lose weight. Many men feel this way and are left thinking, β€œwhat am I doing wrong, and why can't I lose weight?” For , you NEED to take certain things into account.

Today we are covering the 5 most common reasons you aren’t losing weight. From mindset to meal timing structure to exercise, we share what to avoid and what actually works. Learn how to get your mindset right and ditch the β€˜all or nothing’ approach. Find out why nutrition is key and how to set up your own meal-timing schedule. Plus, discover the right type of exercise to do and how to create your own plan. Get the tips you need to reach your weight loss goals this year!

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00) Intro
(1:02) #1 Your Mindset is jacked up!
(4:18) #2 You don’t have a meal timing setup
(7:04) #3 Not eating nutrient-dense foods
(9:49) #4 You’re doing the wrong exercise
(13:07) #5 You’re creating your own plan

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