I've been largely absent from social media and this podcast for the last few months and there's a reason. My oldest daughter has been having some health issues for almost two years now and things seem to be getting worse instead of better. What started out as a herniated disc in her back and the surgery to repair it has now turned into something much more.

And because of the physical and mental pain she's in and having to watch her helplessly, I've started to crack. I've withdrawn from my business and most social things and struggle day to day to keep positive. I've always taught the members of our community that if we can't take care of ourselves first, how can we take care of our families the best way possibe and I'm failing at this.

I've let my diet go to sh*t. I've let my exercise go to sh*t. I've become lazy and weak.

And it's taking it's toll on me. I feel lousy all the time and worse yet, I'm not being as strong as I should be for my daughter when she needs me most. So I made the decision to do something I really don't want to do and that's taking on the 75 Hard Challenge. It's named that way for a reason and it's designed to be a mental toughness challenge, not just a weight loss challenge.

It's the push that I need given where I'm at and I'm committing to seeing it through. I've also opened it up to members of the Fit Dad Nation and to those who need a serious change as well. If that's you, join us. Learn more at fitdadnation.com/75hard and we start January 2.