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The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system. The main function of the prostate gland is to secrete prostate fluid, which also comprises a man’s semen. The prostate gland begins to grow larger as we get older, usually after we turn 40. The growing prostate gland tends to press against the urethra and often, this affects the way we urinate. who have an enlarged prostate experience frequency, difficulty urinating, getting up at night to urinate, incontinence and others.

The older you are the more likely you are to get an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate is one of the most common health problems over the age of 50. More than 90% of men over the age of 80 have this condition.

No one knows sure why the prostate gland enlarges. There hasn’t been any study that fully explains its cause. What is known is that it goes along with aging. There are studies that are exploring some possible risk factors like hormones, obesity and diabetes.

Top 6 Natural Ways To Treat An Enlarged Prostate…
1. Diet 1:35
2. Exercise 2:29
3. Maintain A Healthy Weight 3:01
4. Eat More Healthy Fats 3:46
5. Pelvic Floor Training 4:26
6. Natural Supplements 4:56

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You can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by avoiding these things in 5 Things That Increase Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer, watch here:

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    • Kamesh ,D

      Very informative and good video

      • Nagaraj Kanthasamy

        Bens Natural Health s

      • Frank Senior

        Kamesh ,D net of

      • Basu Deb


    • Marcelo Ribeiro Simões

      Prostate cancer becomes from center to the edges.
      The prostate enlargement caused by inflammation starts from outside to the center.

      • J H

        And the inflammation is caused from fungi. Kill the fungi and heal.

      • Justice Appiah

        Best Tongkat Ali can u give me more information

    • Michael Harrison

      I was diagnosed with early signs of cpps last year. I still suffer from symptoms but one thing I have been keeping track of is my urine. I noticed last year there were white particles in my urine but that went away. I noticed in recent times my urine was clear (I checked it in a plastic container) but after an hour or so it settled and there is some cloudy white colour in the middle every time, sometimes it is more sometimes less. Was wondering if this was a symptom or something else?

      • Michael Harrison

        Ben’s Natural Health is there anything else it could be other than a UTI? I actually had tests done not so long ago for both sits and utis and came back negative. I read that chronic prostatits can cause cloudy urine. With regard to my back i was told it could be due to flat feet, stress, poor posture and long hours of standing during my bar job. I have had UTI before when I was younger and it was distinctive burning sensation and no cloudy urine. When I visited a clinic last year my doctor told me that cpps/ prostatits can be linked to NGU (non specific urethritis) which he said can be possible to get again in the future. Thank you again for your help I appreciate there is a lot of information, it’s causing me a lot of stress as some weeks I’m totally fine and others quite uncomfortable.

      • Michael Harrison

        @Ben’s Natural Health thanks very much. Just out of interest would you know how cpps is causing cloudy urine potentially? And is that normal? Is it an infection or just causing certain issues in the urine? The posture videos are very helpful thank you. I will try to avoid drinking a lot before bed. Again thanks so much for your help

      • Michael Harrison

        @Ben’s Natural Health hi I think one thing to note is that the urine is only cloudy after it has settled for an hour or 2, otherwise it’s always clear. I read this can be perfectly normal and is just my kidneys getting rid of stuff the body does not want? I do eat quite a lot of junk food. I’m also very paranoid about Infections even though I’ve been given all clear. I think the stress is adding to my cpps and causing a vicious circle. Appreciate the help. Any suggestions?

      • Michael Harrison

        @Ben’s Natural Health yeah this sounds accurate, do you know if it’s normal that urine turns white cloudy sometimes in the middle once it’s settled for a few hours?

      • Michael Harrison

        Ben’s Natural Health turned out there was no infection and that it is from stress, muscle tightness and pelvic floor


      Thank god my father got cured from this..
      1) proper food
      3) Natural supplements help them alot

      • TnT_ Mrparkup

        Was it staying away from dairy and what not? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


        @TnT_ Mrparkup Papa have two cup of tea per day..milk products he used to have…main exercise and natural organic supplements help him to cure everything

      • Loki Storm

        Whats the supplement?

    • Katsas13

      The link between vitamin D deficiency and prostate cancer should not be ignored either. The latest independent scientific studies suggest that 4000IU’s of vitamin D3 has been proven to reverse the effects of an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Consider investigating this further with your health professional if you have a family history of prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with prostatitis/prostate hyperplasia/prostate cancer..

    • Ben's Natural Health

      So there are a few comments asking for more details as to which supplements they should be taking for Prostate Health. If you are struggling with BPH or a high PSA level, we recommend, “Total Health For The Prostate”, which is designed to address the root causes & symptoms of BPH. It contains 23 all-natural ingredients in clinically significant dosages, including beta-sitosterol, curcumin, quercetin, boron, and zinc.
      You can find more information about prostate supplements here:

      • Jose Arce



        You have my maximum respect Dr igho and I will never forget the day i come across your channel on youtube, you are my hero thank you for helping me your herbal medication that cured me off this Disease naturally, God bless you.

    • Victor CornelioSr

      Many thanks for the valuable info on prostate issues.

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome!

    • Life Is War God Is All

      Thanks a lot, for this informative video.

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome!

    • Charles Apostol

      hi all im here too to check out this video coz i noticed increased in urination specially in cold weather and during at night. ive read also tomato juice can aid as well but i havent seen amongst the tips given here. but anyway still an informative content and ofcourse a reminder to everyone prone to this scenario. thanks

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome!

      • william osorio

        quercetin bromelain 500mg one a day

      • Charles Apostol

        @william osorio that is for?

      • william osorio

        @Charles Apostol inflamation good pee check goglee
        no more tamsulosin for me
        really work

    • Cal Bob 750

      Skip the supplements and go to a urologist. You might want find out if that high PSA is an indicator of something serious.

      • william osorio

        no always

    • Bucky Flywoodie

      So my question is, if I change my diet and use supplements and exercise and do all the correct things that you mention , will my prostate shrink?

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Hi Bucky! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

      • D Maher

        Look at YouTube video by Dr. Ken Berry
        On “Shrinking an Enlarged Prostate”

      • YASH SHIVA

        can u tell ur symptom

    • Mr T

      If you are going to the bathroom more often, get to a doctor. My enlarged prostate was cancer and the only sign was going to the bathroom more often. I waited too long and a relatively easy cancer to cure turned into a major ordeal

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

      • Simon Norris

        I did not have those symptoms but had the PSA checked on the recommendation of my GP in Dublin in 2015. It turned out I did have high PSA and after seeing a specialist in the UK it was confirmed that I had prostate cancer. I had Brachytherapy (radiated seeds inserted int o the prostate). Prosatte cancer runs in the male side of our family.

    • Mark Aguilera

      The two things I did to heal my incontinence and ED was to stop dairy, vegetable oils and fast regularly.

      • J.C. Holguin

        How often do you fast?? Or does it matter?

      • Mark Aguilera

        @J.C. Holguin This year for new year’s I fasted 9 days. 10 last year. I like to fast every week from 24 to 48 hours. Yes, length does matter, the longer it is the more healing it will be.

      • J.C. Holguin

        Thank you, Mark .

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

    • barraabus

      Went to the doctor , asked for a prostate test…his reply..”How is the stream?” I replied… ” Fine”… his next question…” Any history of prostate cancer in the family?” I replied..”No”…His solution..” You be ok”. And that was it…😂😂😂

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

      • YASH SHIVA

        so why u went to doctor?

      • Jusuf The Eagle

        good advice from your doctor, follow it

    • Sudhindra Bukkebag

      Thank you for compiling and presenting
      🇮🇳🙏🏻 India

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome!

    • Thomas George Castleberry

      What’s the supplements? In general I agree with your diagnosis, I do everything listed and still get up 4-6 times a night to pee (for over 8 years), I’ve also had two Prostrate surgeries, the only thing I got out of that was unbelievable pain. .

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

      • JG

        @Ben’s Natural Health what are the supplements? don’t send me a link to your infomercial

    • DeGuy Jay

      I’m in my late 50s and can attest that this is some good information. Probably the only thing I might do in just a tad bit excess on this list is moderate consumption of red wine almost every weekend. I thankfully sleep through the night without having to get up to pee, which I did for a few months about a year ago, but these three supplements– black seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and lycopene (a spoonful of tomato paste daily) — did wonders. I woke up super cranky when I got up once, sometimes twice a night to use the bathroom over that stretch of time. No problem now!

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

    • Bishop dr Treveli

      Thanks for good practical teaching ,appreciate

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You’re welcome! Thank you for watching our videos!

    • newglorydays 2021

      I’m 25 I find lemon juice with my tea helps and reducing all milk and coffee and alcohol in my diet.

    • Rides Mule

      This all correct information. I’m 71 and have been doing all of these things and they help immensely.

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Hi Rides! Thank you very much for watching our videos and for sharing your experience with us!

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