In this ultimate kettlebell workout you will combine 3 different workout protocols into one ultimate kettlebell workout called Kettlebell Khaos

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All forms of will help to stimulate the release of testosterone not only during the workout but research show that you can also spike T-Levles post workouts as well.

Short, total body workouts with resistance that are high intensity will work to stimulate the greatest release of testosterone.

On the other hand doing, long slow cardio, like jogging sessions on the treadmill will release more cortisol, which has negative effect on your testosterone levels and causes fat storage around the belly.

And research has found that men who regularly run long distances have lower long term testosterone levels than even the non-athletic control group.

Also you should understand that there are 4 main , which are the most researched in relation to strength training, that are released during your workout, which are Testosterones, GH (Growth ), IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) and cortisol.

In order to keep your T-Levels, GH and IGF adequate during your workout session, try and keep your workouts under 35 minutes. Sessions longer than this will see a decrease in muscle building and an increase in the fat storing cortisol.


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Kettlebell Khaos Workout

Round 1 – Complex 2:20
Perform each exercise one after the other for 5 reps each starting with one side and then repeat for the other side/arm.
Continue for 10 minutes straight.
KB Push Ups
KB Rows
KB Deadlift
KB Clean
KB Racked Squat
KB Press

Round 2 – Metabolic Circuit 3:42
Perform each exercise for seconds of work followed by 20 second rest oner after the other for 2 straight rounds
KB Snatch
Kb Goblet Squat and Reverse Lunge
KB Alternating Single Arm Swings
KB Cross Body Clean
KB Swing to Squat

Round 3 – Ladder Finisher 5:49
Perform burpees and swing in a ascending and descending ladder format starting with 1 KB Swing and 7 Burpees
KB Swings 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Burpees 7-6-5-4-3-2-1

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    24 replies to "The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (Kettlebell Khaos)"

    • Guerrilla Camper

      Freaking amazing man! Been looking for a good “at-home” kettlebell workout. This was it! Thanks!!

    • cebass879

      I do this for my Monday exercise and its amazing, definitely seeing gains

    • vien nguyen

      I do this workout when I’m struggling to find or think of a workout to do. This does everything, high intensity, not too short, 3 rounds of different exercises and the last 1 is a killer.
      I sometimes modify it using heavier weights for the squats and deadlifts.

    • John Blaze

      I am from Germany and have lost 7 kilos within two months, thanks to your exercises.👍🏻

      • weirdshibainu

        I did too…made a big poop

      • Shaikh Rahman

        What KG did you use and how many times a week?

    • dave non of your business

      Just incorporated this into my weekly workout routine. It’s now my Tuesday workout and just did my 2nd attempt in completing it using a 35lbs. First time I made it to final round and couldn’t get past 2 kettle swings and 6 burpees. Made it to 5 kettle swings and 4 burpees on my 2nd attempt and that was given it everything I had left. Took me 35 minutes, rest my time at the gym was spent recovering enough to make it to my car.

    • Scott Caldwell

      I did this workout yesterday and I felt like superman!! Great workout

    • DaSnarky Remarky

      Thank you so much for this man! Like a lot of us, I’m under isolation because of the coronavirus and all gyms are closed. I have one old kettlebell lying at home and this is the perfect time for it to shine.

    • Derek Drury

      Turning 39 this summer and working to get back in shape. I love the the fact that you presented research to show how to maximize fat burning and growth hormone production. Thank you! I will definitely be including those in my workouts. Love your videos. Keep ‘em coming!

    • Bazze Fitness

      Did the workout 3 times with one rest day between each session with a 20Kg kettlebell. First time got 7 rounds in 10 mn (first KB complex) second time 8 rounds and some reps in the 9 round, third day, 9 rounds and almost finished the 10th one.
      Excellent workout and the body feel really great since I started using KB in training (even my running improved)

    • Kormac80

      Wow, that’s a beast of a workout. I just started using kettlebells for swings and i was shocked at how much of a cardio blow out it was. I’m a convert. I’ve used them for squats, but now i’m doing swings and the compound squat to press move. Anyway, this workout looks awesome. Just discovered this guy, love his energy and attitude.

    • John Anderson III

      I’m 23 and this was a fun workout! I did it with you and I’m moving on to another round! Thanks for the workout and for advice to guys under 40!

    • Mr Wolfers

      My progress with the workout is recorded below, highly recommend this workout!

      23 years old, barely in shape and a bit skinny fat, using a 16kg kettlebell. First session I could not do round 3. Second session I could do half the ladder of round 3 before feeling extremely thirsty and nauseous, stopped because I don’t think you’re supposed to push through that haha. Third session I do believe I will have adapted and will be able to complete it. Then it’s on to switching out some of the exercises with my 25kg kettlebell 😀

      EDIT: Oh nevermind I completed the second session, I thought we were supposed to go back up the ladder haha!

      EDIT 2: For the 3rd session I replaced the deadlifts, rows, swings, and squats with a 25kg kettlebell. Wasn’t that much more difficult! Would entirely recommend it if you feel comfortable with 16kg.

      EDIT 3: 4th session I swapped the weight for deadlifts in round 1 and swings in round 3 with a 32kg kettlebell. I also swapped the 16kg bell for the cleans with a 25kg kettlebell (very difficult for the cross body snatches, had to change back to lower weight halfway through). It’s so freaking hard haha, now I fear the swings in round 3 more than the burpees.

    • James Durham

      I just did this workout. I died 8 minutes in. I was delirious by the time I got to the kb swings and burpees… had to reach down and grab my David Goggins spirit to keep pushing. Thank you for the workout Funk Roberts. btw… greatest intro of all-time… had me in stitches laughing before he put me in a ditch from working out.

    • Semper Decorus

      This is amazing. I tried again today. The weights I’m using are not too heavy as I am buildinb my way up but I love it and I always feel so good after a kettlebell workout. There is truly nothing like it!

    • Daniel Kalmann

      Just did this workout for the first time today at age 67, I loved it, kinda proud that I am able to do this pushing as hard as I can! Thank you!

      • Danish Zeshan

        Very good
        Keep it up my friend

      • Eoin Mulvaney

        At 68 that’s very impressive

    • Carmen Salomé

      Just did this today. Last time I did this workout was 5 months ago and I am stronger today than back then. I have been doing your workouts consistently for the last five months. I have gained endurance and a little muscle. I love your efficient workouts. I will finish out 2021 healthier and more fit than when it started!

    • PT Richie

      Awesome workout! Cheers bud! Definitely giving this a go with clients 💪🏽

    • Вася Митровка

      *By functional I mean you can comfortably swing or carry it **** around as one would expect of a kettlebell weight. By versatile I mean the protective coating does not prevent attaching magnetic micro-plates to increase the weight, so, for example, a 35 pound kettlebell can be increased by up to 5 pounds in weight or possibly a bit more by attaching magnetic micro-plates.*

    • multitaskchef

      Just completed this workout. 🏋🏾‍♂️🏋🏾‍♂️ Thanks Funk! It was great. 👍🏾👍🏾 Finished in 32 min, including rest periods. 5:05 on the ladder. I caught spasms in my abs.

    • Dallas G

      Today will be my 4th day in a row running this. Looking forward to KBK2 and 3 but going to stay on 1 for a min. I want to get to a tight 25 mins, sitting at ~28 rn. Love you Funk, thank you! ❤️

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