Are you over 40 and think that it is too late to get abs? Do you think that since you didn’t have abs in your 20’s it's too late now? Watch this video tutorial with the only 3 ab exercises you need to be doing after 40 to get abs.

There are a lot of different exercises out there that you can with different variations, but these 3 are the . I am going to walk you through the 3 exercises that you should be doing to get abs after 40.

Something you may have seen in my other videos when I work my abs, I like to start from the lower portion of the abs and work my way up.

Exercise #1… Reverse Crunches. You can keep your hands out to your side to help with balance and stability. You can also put your hands behind your head, but make sure not to pull your head because you don’t want to round your neck. Keep your back nice and flat on the ground and contract your abs the whole entire movement.

Exercise #2… RKC Plank. You are not just holding a plank position like you would with doing normal planks. You want to pull your elbows and push with your toes to get a good contraction going in your abs. You won’t be able to do this one as long as you would a normal plank because this is more intense.

Exercise #3… Bicycle Crunches. This is one of the types of ab exercises because you are bringing your upper abs and lower abs together. Alternate in this exercise, bringing your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa. You don’t have to do these really fast. A slow controlled movement will help you work all of your abs in this exercise.

Try to do 3 rounds of these exercises to get great results in getting abs. To shape the abs, you want to work them directly. If you are over 40, you can get the abs you have always wanted. You just need to start and commit to doing these exercises.

Well guys, that wraps up this video tutorial for how to get abs after 40.

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    30 replies to "The ONLY 3 Ab Exercises You Need To Be Doing After 40"

    • Live Anabolic

      These 3 abs exercises are GREAT for guys over 40…

      Not only are they safe on the spine…

      But these abs exercises will activate your midsection in ways you may not have experienced before…

      ESPECIALLY the variation of the plank that I’ll show you…

      Check it out in today’s video

      • Rusco T

        Informative and helpful.

      • Rab Cooper

        2 brothers who played for Arsenal during 2nd world war?

      • Jack

        Thanks for the information! What would be the optimal amount of reps per set and number of sets one should look to build up to? By the way, I’m 61


        thanks man! really helps narrow down the exercises to what is really needed 🙂

      • Felipe FERNANDEZ

        O km moo moo

    • David B

      Thanks for the focused videos. 54 and trying to get back into a shape other than round.😁 Using yours and Mark’s workouts daily now. Gotta get the nutrition nailed down.

      • Steven Stratford

        Best of luck hope you smash you’re targets!

    • BillandMel Pat everysinglechanceIget

      Great advice , great exercises , great form on how to execute these exercises for the ever so stubborn mid section that most if not all older guys have . Thanks Gary !!!!

    • Inner Healing

      Great video! I’m 59 and ready to get back into form. Good stuff.

    • Hayley Smith

      I watched this for before I showed it to my husband. I appreciate the clear explanation on proper form! You do a great job explaining which muscles should be working & how to make the most of the exercises. Thank you! Now if I can find one for women…

      • carolyn g.

        Hayley Smith I am 66 year young female and tried out this abs routine. It seems to be really effective. I plan to do the 3x per week for next 3 weeks. These crunches will level up my routine😊👍

    • BMJ

      Gonna give this a shot. I’m 55 on Saturday and this quarantine is hurting me physically. Subscribed.

    • Joseph Emmanuel

      1. Reverse crunch (lower abs)
      2. RKC plank (plank for abs)
      3. Bicycle crunch (upper abs)

      • carapungo

        Reverse Crunch .1:02
        RKC plank .3:44
        Bicycle crunch .5:48

    • Richard

      I do one of situps with 10 pounds behind my head, leg lifts or crunches 5 to 6 days a week. I alternate upper and lower during the week. Start slowly very slowly because you will tear a muscle and quit. Slowly work up, try a few more every time. Keep at it. Eventually you can do incredible numbers of these exercises.

    • Paul Bailey

      Great exercise, will add this to my tricon training, which I perform a full body workout every other day. The routein takes just short of an hour

    • Matthew Zekes

      Good info. Simple, well explained. Liked your suggestion for plank. Excellent.

    • Dattaprasad Naik

      Hi! Thank you for informative video.

      Can I do these exercises every day?

    • Ando Ryu

      What a great video! Three basic and effective abs exercises, with clear and realistic guidelines for reps and circuits. This is something I know I’ll be able to motivate myself to continue doing over the long term. I just wish I’d seen this video sooner! Thank you Live Anabolic!

    • NoRe

      Just turned 60 and I’ll give it a try. Great video and commentary thanks.

    • alw1268

      Thank you so much. I’m 51 and I’m trying to get back in shape. I will add this to my workouts.


      Nice and simple exercise for the abs. Thanks for these good workout tips.

      • Live Anabolic

        Hope they help!

    • Ken Ahnemann

      I thought I had strong abs until I tried these with strict form as you showed and the next day my abs were hecka sore! Thanks!

    • Philip Diehl

      I’m 78, almost 79, and I’m going to give it a go. Great video. Thank you!

      • Mela Massoud


    • Carlos Rodriguez

      Love these videos. I have improved a lot. Looking better everyday. Thank you Gary.

    • Detrick Harris

      Just what I needed!!! Thank you!!!

    • John Deegan

      Thanks a lot, I’m 58 & still in reasonable shape.
      These exercises will help me stay in shape.

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