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Our hormones play a crucial role in sexual function, with testosterone getting most of the attention. Many men feel how much testosterone they have is a direct gauge of how high they rank on the manly meter.

As we age, testosterone, on average, goes down by 1 percent a year. But this isn’t a fixed hard and fast number.

There’s research in “the healthy man study” that found no decrease in Serum testosterone associated with age among men over 40 who were in very good or excellent health.

Today we’re going to focus on functional hypogonadism which is when our testes produce very little testosterone, but it is still reversible.

How do you know if your testosterone or other hormones are out of whack? The best way to find out is to get them tested with your doctor or a company like my sponsor, LetsGetChecked.

With LetsGetChecked, you don’t need to take time off for a doctor's appointment. They discreetly deliver the test. You activate it and collect the blood sample in the morning. Then you send it off using the packaging and prepaid shipping label they provide.

When I first got this done, I ordered the male hormone complete kit, which tests for testosterone, your free T or free androgen index, prolactin, estradiol, cortisol and SHBG, which has a big effect on your testosterone.

Of all of these hormones, SHBG or sex hormone-binding globulin is the one I have to most trouble with as it binds to testosterone, making it almost useless. Last year when I was at my all-time leanest, my SHBG was at its all-time highest.

Currently, I’m in a mass gain, and once I reach my target weight, I’ll test again. I expect to see my SHBG much lower with an increase in free T.

There’s an optional body fat percentage Having too little or too much body fat negatively affects your hormones.

I’ll leave a link in the top comment to LetsGetChecked so you can find out where your hormone levels are at and use the discount code Laurence30 for 30% off.

Over 40% of people over 40 are obese. The way obesity causes ED is through generalized inflammation of the body, lowering testosterone and damage to the blood vessels. People with obesity are also 6 times more likely to suffer from diabetes, and depending on the source, around 50% of men with diabetes have erectile issues.

There is good news, though, with plenty of research showing in many cases, we can reverse the harmful effects of obesity through lifestyle changes, including reversing ED and increasing testosterone.

A literature review and perspective published in the journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism on middle-aged and older men with functional hypogonadism observed that late-onset hypogonadism was uncommon in men who were lean or healthy and was relatively rare in men who were both.

Lean and healthy men break the 1 percent decline per-year rule.

So the question is, once you’re obese, does becoming leaner and healthier increase testosterone?

The same literature review answers this, and I’ll be referring to it throughout the rest of this video. It mentioned the findings from the European male ageing study, where a of 5% was associated with an increase in total testosterone. A loss of 15 percent was associated with more marked increases in both total and free testosterone.

has also been shown to improve erectile function in relatively healthy, obese middle age men

The connection between is so strong that one should consider they may be suffering from organic hypogonadism if their testosterone does not increase with , and this needs to be treated with TRT.

Low T is associated with inactivity in older men and conditions like sarcopenia, reduced bone mass and metabolic syndrome. When it comes to weight loss, exercise ensures what’s lost is body fat and not our valuable lean muscle tissue.

The benefits of exercise not only in reducing symptoms of ED and increasing testosterone but to our whole body's health can not be underestimated.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is associated with low testosterone, and a CPAP machine has been shown to improve erectile dysfunction and reduce fatigue. It doesn’t have a consistent effect on T levels. Nor did testosterone treatment enhance sexual function in men suffering from sleep apnoea.

This is the simplest and most straightforward way to improve erectile function. In many cases, you only need it temporarily, as just being more sexually active can increase T levels by 30%. Combine this with weight loss and becoming more physically active, and you’ll be back on top

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      To check your testosterone levels from home click this link and receive 30% off with code: LAURENCE30 I receive commissions on referrals to LetsGetChecked. I only recommend services I know and trust.

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