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If you’re looking for tips on how to please your submissive lady in bed, this article is for you! It’s easy to lost in the nuances of the bedroom, so let’s break it down its constituent parts: Pose, Communication, Bondage, and Positions. Here are some of the most important things to remember to please your submissive lady:


If you want to please your submissive lady in the bed, you’ve got to her to pose. Most of the time, a man is the master. Getting submissive, however, is a great way to change things up. Here are some fun submissive sex positions that are sure to please any woman. So, ready to start sex!


If you want to impress your submissive lady, here are a few tips. First, don’t make her feel weak. Be sexy and show her that you trust her. A submissive lady may not be a total pushover, but she will appreciate a man who shows her that he can rely on her. Using a gentle touch can make her swoon, but avoid putting her under undue pressure. If you can’t be intimate and show her that you trust her, try a gentle touch and she’ll likely respond with a kiss.

A good submissive woman doesn’t like to feel threatened, but she is comfortable with uncertainty. This is why dom-sub play is important for her. Before engaging in dom-sub play, be sure to discuss what roles you’ll be playing. It’s very important to understand her needs and wants before you begin the game. When you’re ready, she’ll be more willing to follow you.

Ask her opinion before having sex. Make her feel equal to you. If you’re new to this, ask her opinion about everything you do. Remember that communication is key in any relationship. And sex is supposed to be fun. So go ahead and buy some new toys to spice things up. She’ll surely be delighted! If you’re having trouble convincing her, try these simple tips.

Check in frequently. It’s a great idea to check in with your submissive partner every once in a while. Be sure to check in, but don’t break character. It won’t break the scene, but you don’t want to disrupt the flow of the scene. So make sure you’re watching her nonverbal cues to avoid getting hurt. If your submissive lady feels uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to give her a kiss or cuddle.


If you’re looking for some simple ideas to satisfy your submissive lady in the bedroom, try Bondage. Bondage involves sex positions that make the Dominant feel helpless. For instance, if a female Dominant is used to standing up during oral sex, she’ll probably hate being pinned down. So how can you please her? The answer is simple – change the positions she’s used to.

While rope bondage may seem intimidating for beginners, experts recommend taking a bondage class so you can get hands-on experience. During the class, you can practice on the other partner so you’ll be confident in your ability to perform rope bondage. Before beginning, make sure you know all the safety precautions and limitations of rope bondage. Before starting, discuss your boundaries and desired roles. Also, make sure you’re both comfortable with the level of pressure.

To give her a taste of dominance, you can use threaded thongs. These are versatile and can be threaded through the headboard or bannisters of a staircase. Make sure your restrained partner is lying on her stomach or back. Otherwise, the sexual energy you give her might be too much for her to handle. Make sure to keep in mind that bed confinement is not the best choice.

If you want to make sure your submissive partner feels satisfied, you can take a quiz to see your blowing skills. Be sure to use the safe word and listen to what she tells you. Give feedback on each scene. If your submissive lady isn’t happy, it’s time to change things up. You may just get her hooked on the idea of 24-hour D/S.


A woman’s preference in sex positions can give you a glimpse her personality. Some women enjoy a total commanding position while others enjoy the closeness that spooning provides. Either way, the choice is hers. Positions to please your submissive lady in the bedroom will make her feel relaxed and at ease. Below are some suggestions for how to please her in bed.

The missionary position is one of the best positions for submissives and dominators. In this position, the dominant lies on his knees and the submissive rests on his shoulders. You can penetrate her from behind or hold her arms to provide more control. You can even use dirty talk and hair pulling to spice up the experience. A missionary position is great for adding intimacy to your D/S dynamic.

The Armlock position is another sexy from-behind position. The dominant partner holds one arm back, similar to a wrestling move. Next up in the Armlock is the Power Grab. And don’t forget about the Against the Wall position. Here, you can hold your submissive lady against a wall, while you thrust your hips and legs. These positions can be very sexy!

The saddle position is another popular position for a submissive lady in the bedroom. If your partner loves you enough to let you do the saddle, she probably has a good sense of satisfaction. Try this position on her while you are trying to please her. She’ll surely be blown away by the way you get intimate with her! You’ll be surprised at how much she’ll fall for you!

Checking in

Checking in to please your submissive woman in the bedroom is completely acceptable. Doing so does not break character or disrupt the flow of the scene. Checking in is perfectly acceptable when you are new to sex and playing with your partner. Just remember that your submissive needs to trust you and respect her safe words. If your submissive is not ready to give consent, use a safe word.

The dynamic between the dominant and submissive should extend beyond the bedroom. It should be extended to everyday interactions, running the household, and dining out experiences. This dynamic requires a lot of energy from both partners. Many dominants choose to collar their subs as a way to show their dominance. They can show this through tattoos or jewelry. This way, the sub does not feel left out.

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