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You know what makes your upper body look really big, and helps you get that v-shape look? Having big wide shoulders, and that looks good, especially as a man over 50. I am going to give you 6 amazing exercises to help you build , so you can have a good looking v-shape figure. All you need is some dumbbells and some resistance bands. It is a smaller muscle group, which can make it easy to neglect. Everyone wants to work their and chest, but the shoulders are important for several reasons. Almost any exercise you do for your upper body, involves your shoulders. They are a big stabilizer muscle in a lot of movements. Alright, let’s get started with the exercises to help you build bigger and wider shoulders.

Exercise #1: LATERAL RAISE. This exercise can be done with dumbbells and resistance bands. Keep a slight bend in your elbows, and focus on bringing your elbows up. They should not go any higher than shoulder height. Control the weight for the whole movement, do not just drop the weight as you lower your .

Exercise #2: BENT OVER REAR DELT FLY. You aren’t really able to see it, but it is important to work the rear part of your shoulder. Use light weight and focus on utilizing good form. Lean forward and lift your elbows up to shoulder height. You don’t need to focus on where your hands are, just focus on contracting at the top of the movement.

Exercise #3: OVERHEAD DUMBBELL PRESS. You can do this seated or standing. You are going to drive the dumbbells straight up in the air and back down, using slow and controlled movements. Focus on using your shoulders to work them, not as much as your to get the weight up.

Exercise #4: FRONT DUMBBELL RAISE. Similar to the lateral raise, but we are going to focus on the front part of our shoulders. Again, keep a slight bend in your elbows, and raise your arms out in front of you.

Exercise #5: FACE PULLS. You can use resistance bands for this exercise, with a high anchor point. Make sure the anchor is secure because you are pulling the band toward your face! Step far away from the anchor for more resistance, and pull the handles of the bands to your face. Keep your hands and arms high to work the shoulders. Too low, and you are going to work your back more.

Exercise #6: REAR DELT FLYES. You are going to do this standing up, so you need to use resistance bands and not dumbbells. You are going to do the same movement as the bent over rear delt fly, except now you're standing straight up. Drive your elbows back and resist the tension in the bands.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial on how to build big wide shoulders after 50. Make sure to add these exercises to your workout routine, and don’t neglect them. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and at the same time at home.

    10 replies to "How To Build Big Wide Shoulders After 50 (6 BEST EXERCISES!)"

    • Gabe

      Great home workouts! Thanks!

    • Tom Ewald

      Glad it makes “your waste look smaller”. Hope it does the same for the waist. 🙂

      • Bart Robinson

        He’s quite the narcissist indeed

    • Mike Dennis

      i was wondering what ol gw bush was up to.

    • DC Spooky

      Suburb shoulder routine…….thanks for sharing👍👍

    • sam curatolo

      great content….looks like a pretty well equiped bar

    • Thomas C

      Love the “Core” adjustable dumbbells. They’re the best. But tell us about your home bench. Thank you.

    • Bart Robinson

      Once again terrible advice and form on the side laterals. The thumbs should be higher than the pinky. This guy is absolutely wrong and it just keeps getting worse!

    • roadstar499

      i am almost 64 now…worked out n gyms for many years,but the workouts i get at home now are the best… i do have some decent home equipment i bought new and used… Best is a smith machine i have with a high and low pulley… i oil it all the time and its as smooth as any i have used…

    • Jim Mclean

      YouTube is not free 😕

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