You don’t need a gym and a lot of equipment to be able to build a wider chest . You can do it from home with some dumbbells, resistance bands, and even your own bodyweight. Having a wide and full chest looks good with or without a shirt, which is why it is important to prioritize working your chest. If you are trying to lose fat as well, it is important to build your chest so it stands out when you start losing the man boobs.

A big chest can be seen no matter what, which is why I have several tips for you to build a wider and bigger chest. Some of these are exercises and some of them are techniques, so make sure to incorporate these items in your routines to build a chest that stands out.

Here are some great tips and exercises on !

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    4 replies to "How To Build A Wide Chest After 50 (TRY THESE EXERCISES!)"

    • Tim Easterday

      What if you don’t have heavy dumbbells? My heaviest set is 25 lbs. I’ve been doing standard pushups on the ground as well as pushups with my feet elevated on the bench. I do flys on the floor with the 25 lb DB’s and that seems OK but I can do a lot of reps (16-20).

      • Nigel

        Try a weighted push-up with a backpack or weighted vest. That should build your chest until you can acquire heavier dumbbells. Hope this helps.

      • Bart V

        Honestly, a gym membership is not such a big step, and not so expensive. I pay 30€ a month to have anything at my disposal. Especially during odd hours.

    • Jason Hurst

      What do you do if you pick a weight where you “struggle” to get the last rep in; (Let’s say the 8th rep) on your first set, because you want to really focus on the intensity; then after resting say 90 seconds, you are only able to perform 6 reps on your next set? Do you just lower the weight so you can do multiple sets for 8 reps; or do you stay at the current weight, but only do Sets of 6 Reps?

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