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Gironda Dips are performed on a V-Bar dip bench. They are an outstanding men 40. Especially toward the end of a chest workout.

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    14 replies to "Gironda Dips – Chest Sculpting Exercise"

    • Just Saying

      I face the other way when perform these style of dips.

      • RJ GURRI

        Did it make a difference. I read Vince did it on 33 inch wide bars.. But if we don’t have.. We can do it in normal ones right

    • Dai7261

      Gironda dip different hand positioning. Check ironguru . com

    • Dai7261

      @FatLossQuickie Larry Scott teaches this type of grip with the palms facing outward in his video put youtube . com in front of this watch?v=x3pbVpBBsVg

    • Meduza the band

      Correct! 🙂

    • hardrockbusser

      Perfect. Placing the feet forward hits the chest better than behind you. I really do not understand why people refuse to do this.

      • shoehead_82

        Yes sir

    • la playa

      why is he locking out isnt a chest dip without the lockout?

    • Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding)

      One of my favorites for chest day!!

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        +Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding) Definitely. We’re using the Gironda Dips more and more these days.

    • william watts

      Thought you were supposed to face the other way

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      @william watts You definitely can. I’ve seen Larry Scott do a version where he switches his grip so his palms are facing outward. Sounds like Vince Gironda taught different versions of this movement along the way as he did with some of his other clients. I’d try both variations and see which method feels best to you.

    • shoehead_82

      This is the best dip moment in the world

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        I agree 100%

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