If you wondering how to get bigger , this arm workout will help you build and triceps in just 22 days. The key to the effectiveness of this workout for bigger is hitting the muscles most effectively and knowing how to progress the exercises over the course of the three weeks.

It is important to note that this workout for bigger arms is going to replace your current arm workout or direct biceps and triceps exercises you're doing. If you have been dedicating a single day of the week just to biceps and triceps, then you’ve been missing out on potential arm gains. We know that we can stimulate muscle protein synthesis every 48 hours, so you will be spreading that same volume over the course of 3 mini arm workouts times per week.

To get bigger arms, you should start by first establishing an objective baseline – that is by breaking out a measuring tape and measuring your arm while flexed. Wrap the tape around the peak of the biceps and the largest portion of the triceps. Keep note of this number, because you will be comparing to it when you reach day 22.

The first training day of the 22 day arm workout starts with just one biceps exercise; the Incline DB Waiter Curl for 4 sets of 9 reps. The key to this is establishing a good mind muscle connection with the biceps using high quality contractions. On day 9, you will be repeating this exercises but you will be performing 3 pulses at the top of each rep. On day 16, you will be performing the same exercise with the pulses again, but this time, you are doing 6 pulses instead of 3.

On day 2 of this workout for bigger arms, you are performing 4 sets of Bench Dips to failure. Again, focusing on that mind muscle connection. On day 10, you will be following the same protocol as you did with the biceps by performing 3 pulses at the top of each rep until you reach failure. On day 17, there will be 6 pulses at the top of each rep. Remember, to build big arms, you have to be able to really feel the contraction of the muscles with each repetition.

The second biceps day includes the Alt. Cross Body Hammer Curl. This is a great exercise for focusing on the brachialis to increase the height and width of the biceps. Perform this exercise for 4 sets of 12 reps with each arm. When you repeat this on day 11, increase the weight of the dumbbells by 5 lbs for 12 repetitions in rest/pause fashion. On day 18, increase it by 5 more lbs, again in rest/pause fashion.

The second triceps day attacks the medial head of the triceps, the smallest of the three heads to help widen out the arm. Here, you have two exercise options to pick from; Tricep Pushdowns or Thumbs Up DB Bench Press. Either of these two exercises will help build bigger arms thanks to their requirement of locking the elbows out at the end of each rep. The progression is to increase the weight on day 12 by 5 lbs and day 19 by 5 more lbs.

We know that eccentrics are a main driver of muscle growth and to build big arms, we can’t ignore that fact. On day 6, you will be performing Cheat Curls with a slow eccentric of 3 seconds for 3-4 sets of 8 reps. Next week, the eccentrics will last for 4 seconds but still performed for 8 reps. In the third week, you will be using a 5 second eccentric lowering for as many reps as you can, then 4 seconds for as many as you can, and then 3 seconds until all 8 reps are completed.

For the last triceps training day of the week, we’re doing the PJR Pullover. Here, you can use the lats to muscle the weight up on the concentric portion of the lift, while slowly lowering the weight back to get a good stretch on the triceps. The progression protocols remain the same as the biceps: 3 seconds on day 7, 4 seconds on day 14, and the 5-3 second regression on day 21.

We wrap up the arm workout on the 22nd day by measuring our arms once again, giving an objective comparison to where we started just a few weeks ago.

If done step by step, you will get bigger arms and should see some noticeable gains fast. Try it out and make sure that you share it with a friend to see who makes better arm gains in 3 weeks. Remember to come back to see the full arm workout schedule and exactly what exercises to do as you progress to filling up your shirt sleeves.

If you’re looking to get big arms and more, our step by step training programs and nutrition plans will help you build the body you’ve always dreamed of. You can check them out at athleanx.com and make sure to go through our program selector quiz to find the right workout plan that matches your current goals.

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    • Juno

      day 1* biceps 1A 3:00
      day 2* triceps 1A 3:49
      day 3* biceps 1B 5:22
      day 4* triceps 1B 7:22
      day 5* biceps 1C 9:15
      day 6* triceps 1C 10:38
      day 7* REST

      Now repeat the same exercises for 2 more cycles with added pulses at the end of each rep 3 the first 2nd cycle and 6 pulses for the last cycle, the ones where pulses don’t really make sense just increase the weight every cycle by a few kilos/pounds

      • Noah Shearouse

        you’re a legend thanks

      • MK-0071


      • Guillermo Lora

        @Abhishek Nigam okay let’s say you’re doing a bicep curl . Instead of going ALL the way down before curling your arm back up , you go back down maybe 3-6 centimeters and go right back up and down 3-6 centimeters again and back up , do that 3 times on every rep and that’s a pulse .

      • Abhishek Nigam

        @Guillermo Lora thanks ❤️

      • Dustin Spangler

        So it’s one excersize each day

    • Hopper

      did this workout, my biceps are now living its own life

      • AxeKick80

        Hope you set up a college fund for them.

      • Nadeem Hamid

        Is this a superset work one exercise of biceps with one of triceps ?

      • Hoojammyflip

        @Nadeem Hamid No – biceps 1 day then triceps the next – watch the video…

      • Baba Cyber

        I completed this challenge and went on a trip for the fourth and saw some friends I haven’t seen in a minute and they all commented on my arms looking bigger. Thanks man! Gonna give it another shot but increase weight this time!

      • james kerr

        That’s a lie

    • Blanquito Chulito

      Completed 22 days. 1/2″ on 1 arm, 5/8″ on other arm. 3 1/4″ more on 3rd leg. Great videos!

      • Sophie Smith

        @Khizar Ansari its 1/2 plus 1/8 more. ONE extra little line…gain is gain, no matter how you measure it.

      • Murray McGregor

        @Jimmy KrackKorn hahahhaha

      • Murray McGregor


      • Steezy

        Ahh dope

      • Baba Cyber

        Thank you Jeff my arms went from 16” to about 16.6”, however I did replace the bench dips with parallel bar dips, worked great!

    • T S

      Went from 12″ to 13″ in each arm by trying this in addition to my training plan. Threw in a couple of break days as well due to traveling. Thank you for putting this video together; arms have been my biggest muscle insecurity for my entire life, and this is the first significant growth I have ever seen!


        yo don’T forget about your forearms tho

      • Baba Cyber

        I’m 66 and using this plan, I went from 12.5″ to 13.25″ and I hadn’t done any serious weight lifting in quite some time. I’m going to go for another round and see if I can get above 14″! Thanks Jeff!

      • james kerr

        I got the same results staying in one weekend with a box of Viagra and the only side effect was 3rd degree friction burns

      • Lee Drury

        @james kerr I should look like Arnie in my right arm by now lol. Up the protein maybe.

      • FigTreeson

        @Some guy you just met Byyyan don’t do that

    • medeepsea

      Good morning Jeff,
      Great video..will give it a pump! Question:
      Since we are trying to maintain some mass….What’s your opinion on duration of cardiovascular training two days a week throughout this 22-day series? Between 20-30mins too much? Thanks! -Manny

    • ryan leatherman

      Man thank u for this video ive been trying to get back in shape a while now and this has helped alot (on day 13 right now and definetely seeing reaults)

    • Debo5.0

      Great workout. It got a bit tough there at the end of the sets. Went from 15.75in to 16in. on both arms. Thanks for all your videos. I’ve started working out much differently then in passed years and it’s showing much better results.

      • jamesnm21

        The pulses really destroy your arms. I added them to the cross body hammer curls and your brachialis will just hurt like it’s cramping for a couple minutes after. Really intensifies things and thoroughly depletes the muscle. I noticed holding your elbows up and out farther during the pulses on the waiter curls KILLS the upper portion of your bicep. Charles Glass has people do that when doing barbell curls as well. It’s all about that intensity and making the muscle scream till it’s a noodle. Then when you do the same exercise but in a different range of motion you hit another part of it and force it to contract and expand until it just quits from the intensity.

    • Perconix Designs

      Hi Jeff,

      The first 5 days I gained 1/2″. On my third week now. I know I’m supposed to wait until the last day to measure but I have been checking every few days. Getting an awesome pump but after the first 1/2 growth I have been stuck on the same size. Do I need to increase my calorie intake?

    • Amar Abdoun

      Ive been training for 2 months now , im an underweight person with skinny arms, couldnt find a way to increase the size of my arms so i honestly just wanted to thank you, your videos are very helpful to me

    • J.Emmanuel Tessier

      This video is so detailed, so in depth, and so so helpful.

    • Jonathan Kelly

      Really loving this workout to my workouts it’s a killer and working for me .thank you

    • Mikolaj Ochocki

      Great video. Gained 2 cm in 3 weeks from it. However, I have developed some shoulder issues. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because of this programme, but it feels like some of the tricep exercises have to be done carefully and not overloaded. And please don’t go beyond the point of tendon pain

    • Michael "Florida" Orlando

      3:02 Waiter Curls (pulses every week)
      4:02 Bench Dips
      5:32 Cross-Arm Curls
      6:34 Cross-Arm 🔨 Curls
      7:20 Tri-Pulldown
      8:18 Thumbs up DB Bench
      9:38 Bent-Bar curls
      10:45 Skull Crushers

      • Rocks D Xebec

        You’re a legend

      • Asher

        I love you

    • Ethan Hale

      I like this 22 day series. This one I can feel even after only 4 days of active implementation. Keep them coming.

    • Paul Joseph, Luiso

      I’m 66 and using this plan, I went from 12.5″ to 13.25″ and I hadn’t done any serious weight lifting in quite some time. I’m going to go for another round and see if I can get above 14″! Thanks Jeff!

      • Musta

        @David Keith It’s inches. BTW: if a measurement has ” after it, then it’s inches.

      • David Keith

        @Musta you fool I was being sarcastic as the measurement was tiny

      • David Keith

        @BirKulumIste is he your Grandpa?

      • HighLand Springs

        @Aaron Barlow Your right, took me mouths to get 15ins bi’s and I am very lucky with genetics when it comes to growth, had 14ins form 13ins in only one mouth and only did arms one a week, so in 4 work outs ( hard workouts mind ) they grow an inch, newbie gains be real.

    • ATHLEAN-X™

      If you’re wondering what the best triceps exercises are to grow bigger arms; I’ve ranked a whole list for you from best to worst. See it here: https://youtu.be/ZrAiIvpZvhM

      • Michael Clausen

        You’re great. THANK YOU for all the videos. I gained 1.5″ in arms with this 22 day challenge.

      • Hook'Ah-Snook fishing

        @Brett Richardson stop drinking beer

      • Hook'Ah-Snook fishing

        Stop drinking beer

      • william butler

        Jeff. I recently had Covid light. Not bad but was down for about two weeks. And i feel weaker when I went back to the gym. Is this normal ?

      • joseph phillips

        What makes you recommend training to failure here when you otherwise say to leave reps in the tank?

    • Isabel R

      I took a leap of faith and did this routine. The results did not disappoint.

      I am a petite female and when I started this I had been back in the gym for almost a month after two years of not going.

      Start: each arm measured 26 cm

      So, on the very first day for the waiter curl I had to take a 10 lbs dumbbell, it felt too easy so I tried with a 15 lbs dumbbell but could hardly make it to 5 reps. So I went back to the 10 lbs (we don’t have something in-between at my gym) and did 15 reps to get to failure.

      Now that I finished the challenge, and am doing it again, starting on day one, I could take the 15 lbs dumbbell and could perfectly get to 12. It was awesome, I felt so strong.

      Now: each arm measures 26.5 cm

      I know the growth isn’t like huge, but I feel much stronger, my biceps look bigger and I’m loving the fact that I can lift heavier.

      I have to confess there were like 3 days when I couldn’t perform the excercises of the given day. But still, my arms grew 0.5 cm in 22 days. So I’m definitely trying this again and I will go heavier than the last time whenever my body allows it.

      I almost never make comments on YouTube but I felt that I had to, because Jeff deserves recognition for what he does.

      Jeff, you’re a legend, man. Keep doing you thing. 💪🏼

      P.S. I’ve improved my nutrition as well, I’m making healthier choices! Hope this routine works for you too!

      Now I can do the waiter curl with a 20 lbs dumbbell 💪🏼 If this isn’t improvement I don’t know what is

      • Aaron Hayes

        with that mentality your growth will be tremendous, keep it up!

      • james kerr

        I didn’t, I got tired just reading the comments before I even got the video started, I’ll start tomorrow like

    • UTube

      3:02 Waiter Curls (pulses every week)
      4:02 Bench Dips
      5:32 Cross-Arm Curls
      7:20 Tri-Pulldown
      8:18 Thumbs up DB
      9:38 Bent-Bar curls Bench
      10:45 Skull Crushers

    • ElfRat

      Thank you Jeff my arms went from 16” to about 16.6”, however I did replace the bench dips with parallel bar dips, worked great!

      • Num Num

        Bar dips is for the chest man

    • Alex Shaffer

      Thanks for your videos man. After just 6 weeks of training hard and a strict diet both of which I got from your channel I’m already in the best shape I’ve been in ten years. Thanks man

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