here is From Skinny Strong Muscular – Fitness Body Transformations in all history !!

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    • Emperium Astartes

      all this is fine and peachy just remember it takes up to 3-5 years to get that mass and low fat percentage , no 12 week program will give you the same results as these guys, sorry.

    • P51.Dante

      All you saying it is steroids, it’s obvious. You can’t get a body like that naturally. There are a few exceptions in this video …

    • Young Buck

      People love to admire body transformation… it’s so motivational sitting on the couch…

    • loud fast

      it takes more than 12 weeks. I was a skinny kid but in very good condition from years of living in the woods and mountains of New England. started lifting at age 13 it was not until I was 22 – 23 years of age that I went over 210 pounds my upper teens were in the 180 – 195 range. It took more rest and sleep periods than I knew it did to get my high metabolism to allow that kind of mass gain. Go slowly respect yourself enough to allow time to work as hard as you do.

      • Cris Robles

        loud fast How much sleep and rest? I also have super high metabolism.

      • loud fast

        Cris Robles it depends on how you work out and how you eat you want at your weight thin and super high metabolism you want short reps of 8 to 10 Max and you need to work out early in the morning have at least an hour and a half rest period after eating your breakfast again like 5 in the morning if you’re off on a workday if it’s the weekend I don’t eat until 10 or 11 in the morning afternoon workouts you want to eat multiple meals three or four after your workout space an hour in between at least and you want long rest periods in between your muscle groups. so say you did your legs Friday do you want 8 to 10 days rest before you hit them again so that means you really have to punish your legs or whatever muscle group you are working out don’t drink coffee give it up you and I cannot afford to drink coffee we get thin so quickly. you need deep cycle sleep it’s got to be a priority lots of snacking throughout the day good hydration I recommend a consistent and aggressive stretching program because you’ll be hitting your muscles very hard and doing trauma. your immunity system can regrow muscle when you tear it but if you give it an 8 to 10 day rest. It will overcompensate resulting in larger growth good luck out there.

      • jett lax

        loud fast most of these are not 12 weeks. That is just an advertisement. I’m pretty sure the guy at 1:30 isn’t on roids but that’s probably it

      • Plot Dot


    • Jack Krieger

      I don’t believe that all of them have trained for only 12 week.Some of them look like pro bodybuilders.

      • RJK


      • vicoru

        Jack Mara If you watch the video again ,sometimes there were write down dates to the phtotos and the difference between them are about 2 years or more ,its just shown as the effect from this Transformation porgram but it isnt . Sorry for my bad english ,but I hope i could help you !

    • Akalion

      From unhealthy to heart attack in 20 years.

    • miamiorlando1

      2:13 – Sméagol got busy in the gym…with some steroids of course….but hats off to this guy – he worked very very very hard to get his physique.

    • thespanish21god

      Great stuff!

    • ЩаВсёБудет

      вот это реальный стиль!! это модно!)

    • Dan the Medic

      Now show us a video of how people NOT on steroids have changed their physiques and the time it took them… I’ll be more impressed with that.

    • Crusader of the Low Lands

      Big difference between having a nice body and trying to get as big as possible.

      • Emerson Cooper

        Ralph Vermolen half these guys looked fine in the before photos

      • Miguel Angel Sosa Rodriguez

        Ralph Vermolen. You’re absolutely right. I really rather have the body of the guy at 0:37 in the before picture.

      • Paul Barnes

        Emerson Cooper Music Nope lol are you blind 😂 😂

    • Caliathletic Fitness

      These guys weren’t skinny at all! They were fit and natural

    • g4lol

      all 100% natural :D:D

    • Wu Chen

      bueno no todos eran skinny del todo algunos antes ya estaban bastante bien

    • Gilson Esteves Guedes Filho


    • dany188100

      Każdy jeden naturalny ha ha ha 🙂

    • Sawa3eQ FekR

      I’m 28 and i’m skinny so does i still have the chance to make a good shaped body not too huge ??

    • Prakash

      Let me tell you my inspirational story . I worked out one week now i am as big as Jeff sied

    • Mort

      1:09 WOW! what an incredible transformation!!! he turned from white to black!!!!

      • Juno

        He’s tanned

    • Melissa Balls

      Looking big isn’t all u have to have the power and the strength.

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