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    9 replies to "Fat Loss Motivation From David Goggins and Viktor Frankl"

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      What have you read or listened to that has motivated you to transform your body? For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked πŸ‘‰

    • Jeff Chan

      Drinking lots of water have been key for me. I have also been walking before and after my meals.

      These two things have been a game changer for me, beyond curving hunger.

      • Jeff Chan

        With regards to water, I start my day with 6 cups of water. I started to notice how much more energetic I felt. I started to decrease caffeine to see if the extra morning water would compensate and it absolutely does. I have also noticed dramatically improved pumps while training when I drink a lot of water compared to regular levels. Crazy

      • Jeff Chan

        As for walking after a meal, I listened to a YT video saying that as humans we are supposed to have bowel movements after each meal and that movement, in particular walking stimulates that by ramping up digestion. I definitely noticed this as well (not to say I take a crap every meal lol)

      • chris rocco

        thanks Jeff…how old are you?? and did you get abs? are u at your ideal body! thanks and hello from nyc

      • Jeff Chan

        @chris rocco hi Chris, I’m 43 currently. Yes, I have visible abs. My plan is to continue to cut to see how I look leaner. If it doesn’t look good (eg too many wrinkles on my face or looking too depleted) I’ll bring my body fat back up. Hope you have a good weekend

      • Jeff Chan

        @chris rocco sorry I missed the second part of your msg. I’m from IL, hello!

        I’m close to my ideal body. Like most people, I would love to be a bit leaner and carry a bit more muscle but over all I’m happy

    • chris rocco

      tuff morning for me after the Giants pathetic loss but we had a good year and the Lions will be great next year! Great video Scott the reason why u are awesome and achieved all your goals is simple…YOU PUT YOUR SELF OUT THERE AND BY PUTTIN YOURSELF ON SOCIAL MEDIA YOU CREATED THE ALL THE REASONS WHY!! Im a big Tony Robbins fan and your consistency and persistence is so evident! and you make it fun and exciting! what a great guy and coach! thanks for all you have done !!

    • JAC3DG33K

      Training the brain for pain is a great tool for getting through obstacles, but as mention earlier know when to stop to avoid injury and setbacks. I also agree with the idea of surrounding yourself with like minded and positive individuals.

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