Did your nutrition slip during the holidays and find yourself struggling to ? I can relate. For 3 weeks during the holidays I got in the habit of baking cookies all of the time, drank alcohol on a regular basis, and eating take out meals way more than normal and struggled to break free from those habits during the first week of January.

I knew it was time for a 7- day to re-establish my normal eating habits that serve me best. In this video I share how I went about this, including every meal I ate and my overall active lifestyle.

I hope you find value in this shared experience and look forward to hearing how you get yourself back on track after letting loose on your diet.

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    4 replies to "Diet Reset – Get Your Nutrition Back On Track"

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

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    • F D

      bro, I love your videos. you have some positive energy and a friendly disposition. very rare in Youtube land. thanks for the encouragement in my own fitness/nutrition journey.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Thanks you so very much for the kind words and positive feedback. It sincerely means the world to me and totally makes my day to hear this.

    • Daren Bulley

      This is great! Thank you.

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