One of the areas develop fat the most is in the chest, and you probably hear them called “man boobs”. When you are working on your fitness journey trying to lose body fat, it is important to make sure that you are building muscle. That way, when you lose fat, there is muscle ready to show. You don’t need crazy machines and a lot of equipment to build your chest. You can do bodyweight exercises at home or in the gym, to help .

Not only a big chest, but a chest that does not look fatty. You want to have a chest that pops out, even when you are wearing a shirt. Make sure that you are working all parts of your chest, in order to have a well rounded set of pecs. You can not spot-reduce when it comes to , but we can still build our chest muscle and lose fat at the same time when working out.

Aside from the workouts, you need to focus on your nutrition. Nutrition will be the big key for helping you lose more body fat, especially the farther into your fitness journey you go.

Here is a high intensity bodyweight , to help and lose fat at the same time!

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    6 replies to "Bodyweight Anti “Man Boobs” Workout – TRY THIS & LOSE THE FAT!"

    • Rocco

      Me caso 😍🤪

      • William O'Neil

        Don’t do it!!!!
        (But if you must ….protect yourself). Not all women are dangerous, but all women have the option.

    • TheBlueDogMan

      So glad you gear these workouts to us older gentlemen.

    • Robert Baillie

      The problem I see in gym is nutrition, they don’t get enough protien. They also don’t put the effot needed to produce results. You have to work harder as you age. Knowledge in what your trying to achive is a must. This is for life, I’m 66 now. We all have old injuries, knee replacements, heart problems, cancer, covid and many other things that we need to overcome. Not easy, but it is rewarding. Enjoy your life.

    • Hunter Williams

      Love hit workouts! This workout is for one of the 2 problems. Man boobs and Love handles
      Could you do them next thanks.

    • Hunter Williams

      As a person with back fun. I do all of my Ab. Workout On My Memory foam Queen mattress. I wish I would have figured that out years ago! Try it! Amazing I promise!

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