Gyms are a great place to get a good , but it is not the only place that you can . Working out at home is becoming more and more efficient, especially with the access to all the great equipment you can use. All you need are some dumbbell and resistance bands, and you can get a great in. There are so many exercises you can do, but I am certain there are amazing exercises you are not doing when you workout at home.

I have 6 exercises that I am going to share with you that I can guess you are not doing right now. It is time to start having better workouts at home, and you can start by making sure you add these exercises to your home workout plan.

Here are the 6 best ! Make sure to add these to your workout plan.

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    2 replies to "Best Home Exercises You Aren’t Doing (ADD THESE TO YOUR WORKOUTS!)"


      Sir am always longing for your tutorials thank you so much

    • James Ward

      Another good informative video. I like the fact you are always introducing something different for your fans. I started during yoga 4 days a week, and it hit muscles, I wasn’t, and I like that. The first time, I did the birddog, that you demonstrated in this video, one side was weaker than the other, it took me a week to master this movement. Now I enjoy it and can breeze through it. I do the fire hydrogen, cat cow, donkey kick and many more. I started during yoga because of a bad back, and it has really help.

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