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It is important that we help our children get and start exercising early in life. When we are young, exercising isn't just about burning calories or building muscle. It's about developing the brain by creating nervous system connections and improving coordination. This helps children get more comfortable with their bodies and improve their athletic performance.

This strength workout for kids at home specifically focuses on building strength and coordination. This workout uses no equipment and is a bodyweight kid's workout. This means that this workout is safe for ANYONE to perform. This is a workout you can do with your kids together. It is a great way to introduce fitness for kids at home. It will help improve your kid's strength, balance, endurance, coordination, and overall health.

There are so many video games and other activities distracting our kids from getting the daily movement they need. do you get kids to workout? Have them try this children's workout below!

Home Workout for Kids
(2:20) Warm-up: Head to Toe Circles, Jumping Jacks x50, High-Knee-Jumps x10

(5:39) Push-ups – 2min
(7:38) Bear Crawls – 2min
(8:56) Bird Dogs – 5 per side
(10:22) RKC Plank – 1min
(11:35) Side Plank – 1min each side
(12:46) Ice Skaters – 20 total
(14:10) Air Squat Jumps – 50 total

You can do this workout 2-3 times per week. Each time you do it, try to get more reps on each exercise!

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