For men, especially over the age of 40, testosterone is the most important hormone that we can produce. There are 2 hormones that we don’t want produce, especially when we are trying lose weight and build more muscle. Cortisol and estrogen impact our bodies in a negative way, when it takes the place of our production of testosterone.

Estrogen and testosterone need be balanced in order for your sexual function and other characteristics work optimally. Estrogen is typically called “the female hormone”. Some symptoms that come with high level estrogen is reduced sex drive, loss of muscle, increased breast tissue, hot flashes, increased body fat, and energy loss.

Here are 5 foods that lower estrogen, to balance out your !

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    4 replies to "5 Foods That Lower Estrogen (BALANCE YOUR HORMONES!)"

    • Elwyn SMITH

      Thanks really good info ! ! !

    • Larry Putra


    • Larry Putra

      There is no such a thing as a superfood

    • Data Is Amazing

      I’ve noticed a needed boost in my testosterone after eating 4 eggs for dinner before bed. Would it be safe to eat 4 eggs every night or daily?

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