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Exercises To After 50 – Hey guys, in this video tutorial for how to , I am going to give you three great exercises to after 50. Make sure to stick around for the last time because that tip is going to speed up the process to get rid of belly fat. So, let’s get started in this video tutorial with exercises to lose belly fat for .

The first exercise to lose belly fat for men is simple, it is sprinting. Sprinting is great for our hormones, and increases our testosterone. That means that your body is going to use fat for energy. The great thing about sprinting is that your body doesn’t stop burning calories and fat once you stop running. Your body after sprinting or anabolic running continues to burn fat and calories for hours after you are done running. Steady cardio will not give you that afterburn effect that sprinting or anabolic cardio will give you, which is why this is a great exercise for belly fat. Sprint in place as hard as you can for 20-30 seconds, rest for a minute, then do it again 3 more times. So, that is the first exercise to lose belly fat for men.

The second lose belly fat exercise is mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are a great cardio, but they also engage your core and really work your midsection. Mountain climbers also trigger that afterburn effect, which is huge for how to lose belly fat. These are great get rid of belly fat exercises, so make sure to do this in your weekly workouts. Doing high intensity interval training is fantastic for building muscle, burning fat, and it improves your cardiovascular system. I am going to show you two different ways to do the mountain climbers. The first method is just the normal mountain climber, where you bring your need up to your arm, and alternate. The leg you are bringing up to your arm, do not let that foot touch the ground. Another way to do this exercise that is a little easier, this the same exact thing. Only this time, when you bring your leg up, have your foot on the ground at the top of the movement instead of keeping it in the air. That is the second exercise to lose belly fat for men. Let’s go to the last and most important lose belly fat exercise.

The third and most important exercise for belly fat in this video tutorial with exercises to lose belly fat after 50 is called bicycle cross crunches. This is one of my favorite go to exercises to work the abs and core. This exercise really does work all the muscles in our core, which is helpful and one of the best get rid of belly fat exercises. This exercise is also great because it doesn’t put a lot of stress on your neck or back. It is a great all around exercise that burns a lot of calories, and it is way better than planks because planks is a static exercise. So, I am going to get on the floor to show you how to do this great belly fat burning exercise for men. This exercise may feel awkward at first, but the more you do it, the more you will start to get used to it. Do not put your hands behind your head for this exercise, keep your fingers on the side of your head to make this one of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men. This is important because it will put less stress on your neck. For this exercise, you are going to bring your elbow to the opposite knee. Also, what’s great is you can do this exercise fast, or you can do it slow. Both have such a great impact and this is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men over 50. Now you know how to lose fat belly. You are going to feel the burn in your entire core when you do this amazing exercise for how to lose belly fat.

So, here is the bonus tip I have for you in this video tutorial on exercises to lose belly fat after 50. Are you ready to know the secret for how to lose belly fat? All of those exercises won’t help you, unless you are eating at a caloric deficit. That is the key to these get rid of belly fat exercises, eating at a caloric deficit is crucial. You need to eat at a caloric deficit on a daily basis, and that is the key for how to lose fat belly. A caloric deficit is making sure that you are burning more calories than you are putting into your body on a daily basis. Well guys, that was the secret I had for you in this tutorial with exercises to lose belly fat for men over 50.

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    41 replies to "3 BEST Exercises To Lose Belly Fat After 50 (MUST WATCH!)"

    • Live Anabolic

      Hey man! In this video I’m going to give you 3 of the BEST exercises to melt belly fat… and I promise, they’re not what you think. Comment below and let me know if you’re going to add these to your weekly routine!

      • Lợi Lí Lắc

        Workout for woman losing fat after 50 pls. She don’t have enough strength to do exercises mountains climbing

      • Mr. Taunyane

        Thank you good Sir. Very practical very authentic.

      • khalil petrovsky

        thanks bruh..!

      • El Chappy

        Sure am! I am a 68 yr old woman!

      • gaw gaw

        When it comes to Fat or belly fat a calorie Deficit = Fat loss it’s as simple as that. What is your body Fat percentage About 10 %

    • Jakke Vee

      I just did the whole routine for the first time. I’m 59. I can’t say I did them 100% right, but I finished the whole routine. Never thought I could do it… Thanks to you I know I can! Thanks plenty!

      • vaas34

        Thanks for the positive comment. I hit 59 last week. I need to try this as my waistline expansion is clearly out of control.

      • Y’all don’t get me started

        that’s awesome b rother….im 59 also…just entered and won my first bodybuilding contest….u can do it!!

      • Y’all don’t get me started

        Rex Hayes yeah you are safe as long as u didn’t have permanent damage to the ❤️. ( I’m an RN ) it’s normal to be apprehensive tho. Just eventually get in there and get after it. Check out my IG keithivy1961. I love to ham it up on IG. doin 2 contests next year. 60 in FEB 💪

      • ccaninus

        @Y’all don’t get me started Since you are an RN…I have a question…should any of these be avoided if there is an umbilical hernia? Thx.

      • dadduorp

        @Y’all don’t get me started
        “…if you’ve had permanent damage to the heart.”

        Why is that?

    • Sandy Milne

      My father started his exercising routine at 57 years old. 15 min. a day in the morning every day of his life. He passes away at 96. He played tennis until 95 and golfed until weeks before he passed. It’s time for me to start my routine and incorporate this routine into it. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

      • okasha k

        @Sandy Milne God bless you and your father

      • Celso Cordeiro

        @Sandy Milne Thank you

      • kiril Cherry

        @Sandy Milne Inspired me a lot – I do look after my physique and my dad whos 75 started lifting a couple of years ago and brough his sugar down. BUt your story just moved me THANK YOU

      • JUNG Somewhat

        @Genard Toney that’s beautiful my friend 🙂

      • Rohit Joshi

        @Sandy Milne Wow. That’s very inspiring. Are you following in his footsteps?

    • David Ford

      Thanks Mark, really appreciated this, I’m 62 and love keeping the weight off. I’ll add these 3 top exercises to my daily routine. Thanks again.

    • Native Cherokee

      One of the best videos I’ve seen, you got me inspired I’m 58 , I started this exercise today wasn’t as easy as u make it look BUT very effective, I’ll keep watching your videos to keep motivated, no stoping for me, don’t give up guys , I’ll keep an update on my mission to lose 8 pounds of fat on the belly😆

    • Patch T

      Watch again for inspiration and sink the science into brain! Very Cool Share Mark! Thank you for being there for all of us out here trying live well and longer. I use ketogenic eating style and fast regularly. May 25th 2021 weighed in at 295 lbs. goal… 190 lbs. wrestled 167 lbs in school. wrestled 185 when I didn’t make weight.

    • groundskeeper 52

      That’s a great video. I’m going to follow your suggestions. Great cardio workout that I can use before working out with weights. I’ve been looking for something straightforward like this. I’m sure the caloric deficit will be challenging but I need it! Thanks for the help! Subscribed!

    • Venky R

      Very good instructions on HIIT and calorie burning. Thank you. I learned that calorie deficit and HIIT is the way to lose belly fat; also the body stores fat in the stomach area first (with excess calories) and the last part of the body it burns calories from is the stomach area.

    • Rasheeda Amarillas

      Great video and 3 great exercises! Simple, but effective. I’m 46 and glad to say that this works. Thanks for the helpful tips!

    • Borntwice

      Great video, couple these exercises along with an hour or so at the gym lifting weights and proper nutrition and you are spot on, I’m 54 and am trying to accomplish my goals.


      Just curious, what is the frequency of doing these exercises? Every day? Do you incorporate other exercises with this on other days, etc.? Thanks in advance. 😎👍🏼

      • Kayle Vick

        Good question. Curious what he says. My guess is that the nature of this exercise could be done frequently as in daily if desired since it’s not truly weight based, but I’d be shocked if he said no more than three or four times a week.

    • Enrique Baez

      Hey man. I’m almost 50 and fit , this exercises and the calories ( intake and burn) are absolutely the key to keep the extra fat away. THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND KEEP PPL MOTIVATED…

    • Dave Bobolink

      Hi Mark. Thank you for this video. I have been following your advice for the last few months. I had started to get fat and lazy. Your clear, no bulls..t message got me motivated. The more motivated I feel, the easier it is to control my calory intake. You put me back on the right road. I have lost weight, got fitter, and of course, my head is happier! Respect!

      • Live Anabolic

        Dave, thank you so much for sharing this with us! Our goal is to help people as best we can on their fitness journey, and this is what we like to hear 😁😄. Glad we were able to help, and hope we can still be helpful as your fitness journey continues.

    • Bernard Harley

      I just finished week three day two of the fit after 50 program and that 7th set is a butt kicker! I’m feeling stronger every day, thanks!💪

    • Tim Greet

      Dear Mark, I find your enthusiasm and go inspirational and infectious. Agree totally with your thoughts. One thing i know that kills people is lack of movement. Sometimes the constant push to incessantly improve can put people off. But any way i love your work and admire the way you push to get people including me going…. 👍

    • C. A. Perkins

      Hi Mark I’m 42 and I have been doing your exercises. I’ve been burning fat all over! Thank you for sharing simple yet absolutely effective exercises!!

    • Scott Price

      Great video, simple and to the point.
      Does it matter what time of day these exercises are done? I.e. in the morning/start of your day, or evening towards the end of your day?
      Also, any recommendations on frequency (days per week)? or every day?

    • timlot

      As someone who lost over 100lbs this past year I can tell you the most important part of this video was the information about calorie deficit. All the exercise in the world won’t matter if you can’t control how much you eat. You have to fall in love with the feeling of being hungry.

      • Richard Richard

        Yup, there is a whole multi billion dollar industry built around making weight loss seem like rocket science…. all this fitness guru stuff, months at the gym, thousands of miles run, can be boiled down to simple mathes, use more than you put in😎

      • Frank Moyer

        Nope not suppose to deprive yourself if eating

      • Sylar.

        Don’t you mean, Being full?”… If you’re in love with being hungry, you’re going to eat more because,… Well, you’re hungry?

      • timlot

        @Sylar. As you lose weight you need less calories to (maintain) your new weight. To keep losing weight you need even less calories. You will be hungry. It’s not starvation, but adjusting your appetite to your new weight is a process.

    • Dave H

      Awesome video, thank you so much. I just turned 59 and I use to workout a lot in my younger days and just starting to pick it up again. The Caloric Deficit part was great info also and it brought back some great memories from back in the younger days. Keep it up man, for all of us older gentlemen 🙂

    • M Kennedy

      Great advice. I’ve been skinny my entire life, at 40 I started developing a belly. No matter how much I worked out( ab excerises) and jogged, my belly never went away until I changed my diet. Stopped eating breakfast (yogurt & granola), which I replaced with heavy cream in my coffee, and only ate at noon and at 6pm(6-8 hour window). Cut out 90 % of my sugar intake and reduced carb intake 80%. Lot’s of protein, eggs and greens (salads). I lost 10lbs all off my belly and now have a flat stomach. Continued exercise has produced ab muscles and better overall energy and health at 50.

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